Play of the Game!

So I was playing Overwatch over the weekend, and I had gotten a pretty cool achievement.  In the game, at the end of every round, the best part of the round, the play of the game, is played for all of the players to see.  I enjoy this feature of Overwatch as it allows several people to show off their best to each other and share memorable moments to them, which people would often enjoy.  This feature also allows people to socialize with each other and talk about what they had done.  Not only that, when you get the play of the game, you also get a great rush of happiness flow through you as you get to be labeled as the special person who had managed to get the one thing thing that no one else could get.  This made me think about how great of an idea this was as no other game had ever thought of this before.  Sooner or later, I have a feeling that other games are going to have other ways to allow people to express themselves in game.  Who knows, maybe Battlefield One might get their own form of a play of the game?


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