Music and its Part in Life


I’ve played the piano for a long time, starting back in 1st Grade.  I was dragged into this kicking and screaming, not wanting to learn how to play the dreaded piano.  As time progressed however, I learned that music and mainly the piano has become a daily part in my life.  I listen to music constantly and enjoy every aspect of it, ranging from soothing tunes like classical music to fun songs to dance to in jazz.  There is a lot of music to listen to, with everyone having their own taste for a certain music genre.  As I am introduced to more and more music, I wonder about how many different types of music are there.  Although there are several main genres of music, along with them come several smaller branches of music styles similar to those.  As time progresses, I wonder what other types of music will be created?  The world will never know, as it is always changing with new things constantly introduced to the people of the world.


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