Unfair Gameplay

Bastion is a robot that everyone loves and hates.  How is this possible you ask?  Well, the truth is, while everyone likes how Bastion is as a character, nobody likes how he is as an in game character.  Bastion is a major game changer, with his ability to convert into a living turret allowing him to mow down anyone who stands in his path along with his self healing abilities.  To add on to the list that all players hate about him, his ultimate move turns him into a tank, allowing him to deal heavy damage to the opposing team.  To be honest, I love playing this character because of how fun it is to go after others who fear of you coming to take them down.  This often reminds me of other games and how there’s always that one character who is too strong, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter as sooner or later, game developers will end up being forced to change the over powered character abilities to level out the character’s strength with other characters.  Hopefully this doesn’t happen to me anytime soon, as I have come to love this character and his abilities very fondly.


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