Legos and Imagination

As a child, one of my favorite toys was legos.  I enjoyed building with hem as there were so many different things you could make with the use of just ur imagination and a couple of bricks.  Although I have stopped collecting them, I have enjoyed how much imagination and creativity that Lego puts into their products with each set capable of pushing the imagination of a child past its limits.  This was great as it not only let’s people create what comes to their mind, it also teaches them a valuable aspect of life, which is creativity, something that is scarce in society due to society’s rigid strucuture of life.  Lego pushes for this aspect knowing how valuable creativity and imagination is as everything in life has started from an idea that they came upon in their mind.  With this in mind, I hope society takes note of efforts like these and starts to change to them as society is simply to bland today.


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