Propaganda or Encouragement?


At Fountain Valley High School, there has been a long rivalry against Edison High School.  This is usually seen through a yearly competition called the bell game, in which both schools compete each other in football for a bell.  This dispute has lasted for several years, with us being unsuccessful nearly all of the time.  To help encourage our team, every year, on the week the bell game takes place, posters are put up to inspire hope.  However, some of these posters aren’t really encouraging our team, with it sometimes talking how Fountain Valley is somewhat ‘better’ than Edison.  This has lead to me wondering if we’re just using propaganda to make students believe that Fountain Valley is always better than Edison.  As it can be seen in the image above, the propaganda not only talks about how Fountain Valley is not only popular, but that it has a large Asian population as it suggests in the pun above.  This ‘propaganda’ isn’t really effective too, as Fountain Valley is almost certain to loose like every other time even though it claims that we won’t.  Maybe with more encouragement and less dissing of Edison, we might win this time.


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