Sombra vid.png

After 6 months of a long and grueling wait, a character demanded by so many fans has finally been revealed.  Her name is Sombra and she is a stealth character how is skilled with hacking all kinds of devices.  When she was first revealed, fans of the game Overwatch were excited for her and wanted to know more about her.  In response to this, she left behind several different clues throughout the game, with them mainly in code.  This led everyone on a wild goose chase to crack the codes and progress to what they were looking for as fast as they could which taught us so much about the work.  This work was difficult but lead to learning so much more about her.  At the end, through hard work, Blizzard rewarded its fans with what they were looking for through Sombra’s grand entrance at Blizzcon, Blizzard’s annual convention regarding all things based on Blizzard games like Overwatch, StarCraft, and World of Warcraft.  She had hacked into the computers at Blizzard, where she appeared at the opening ceremony of Blizzcon.  Fans like me were delighted and happy about her as we had finally gotten to what we were looking for.  All in all, I enjoyed the fun that Blizzard has invited us to during the 6 month long wait and I hope that more things like this happen as they provide the community a great way to wait for something that they want while at the same keeping them from being bored while waiting for something exciting and wonderful.


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