Thanksgiving Break Shenanigans!

This thanksgiving break has already gotten me bored, as I don’t really have much to do.  As a result, I decided on a club project that my friends and I were making.  It was a helmet made out of completely just recycled materials based on a character from the game Overwatch.  The character, Genji, was a cyborg ninja who everyone had like playing as.  We had already decided on making this helmet and had already created the pieces, which consisted of several cardboard paper cut pieces.  With lots of free time on our hand, we set to work , piecing each piece together together.  So far, the helmet has only been taped together, and once we finally get the visor on and make the helmet more visually appealing, we might be able to hopefully make a great helmet!  Who knows, maybe we might be able to install led lights into the helmet, that way, the visor would light up!

received_189992394793702.jpeg                                                       20161120_230613.jpg

The helmet in progress…                            AND                                     The finished helmet!


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