To Converse with the Greats

When I had read To converse with the greats by Vera Pavlova poem, it gave me a great sense of curiosity because of its vagueness.  For instance, what is the author Vera Pavlova talking about when she refers to the greats?  Does she mean important leaders, famous inventors, or popular people in society?  Or does she mean anyone who seems to be better than you, because there are so many situations that would seem right for this poem.  For instance towards the end of the poem it talks about improving the work of the greats with her talking about improving things like their books and holy edicts, which makes me guess that some of the greats are religious leaders.  However, the end of the poem also confuses me, as she speaks as if you have a limited time to improve the work of the greats alone.  Why would you have limited time to improve something made by a great?  Is it because of how their ‘limited time’ is the amount of time they have to live?  Hopefully, I’ll get to meet a great like Vera Pavlova and learn about the meaning behind this poem.


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