Fighting for Religion


Lately there has been several protests that has been occurring in North Dakota regarding a new pipeline being built on areas that the Native Americans have considered to be religious to them.  This protest has become extremely well known, with several celebrities and people from around the world promoting the protests.  I have been delighted by this due to how devoted people are to protect the things regarding their religion.  In addition, this has made me extremely happy due to how persistent they are to defend the land even though they go through problems with the authorities which results in them getting injured or arrested.  The devotion to defending this land also makes me happy due to how it shows how important religion is to people, with such people taking extremely drastic measures to make sure that their religion gets the same protection like other the other religions of this world.  Hopefully, through their persistent efforts, the Native Americans will finally be able to stop the construction of the North Dakota Pipeline in the end.


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