The Crucible: Corruption in the Court


In my English class I had watched the 1996 film adaptation of Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, with the film giving me a mix of both positive and negative emotions.  I was shocked throughout the beginning of the play for all the innocent people who were accused and set for hanging by the corrupt court which had listened to only what the girls accusing the people had said.  This was disturbing as there was so much evidence to deny any claims made by the girls, but the stubborn court simply wouldn’t allow it.  As a result, several innocent people were hanged without a clear reason.  However, at the end, John Proctor, one of the main characters of the film, made me happy as his honesty and personality as a good Christian had allowed him to overcome his selfish needs to protect the names of the other victims from being slandered by the claims of performing witchcraft.  This man’s perseverance to help out all his neighbors and prevent any chaos from occurring in the town of Salem allowed him to retain his dignity and also gain the respect of the town for his efforts.  Overall, I loved this movie, as it not only played your emotions but also had several scenes filled with suspense making you wonder what would happen after each scene of the movie.







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