Games and Names


Overwatch has once again displayed itself this week as a popular topic to speak of.  This time it involves the players.  Every player has their own special name, with either a special meaning behind it or a fun reason regarding it.  During a match, I me and my group (the characters in green) came across another group who had similar names:  they had names that regarded pants.  This was not only hilarious, but also a fun experience as we joked around about who was the the best ‘pants’ out of all 4 of them.  This gives of an insight of the community of the Overwatch players which are always fun to play with.  With things like this currently happening, it makes me excited about what else I am going to come across in the future as I continue to play more Overwatch.


One thought on “Games and Names

  1. Online games often get criticized for having hostile communities. But Overwatch and many other titles, have proven that multiplayer gamers are just looking for a good time and are willing to have a bit of a goof. For as many bad or mean players there are, there’s an equal amount of good ones.

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