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On my blog, mostly fun is written on it, with me writing on the category Investigate the most.  I’ve noticed that out of all my blog posts, investigating is my go to category every time, mainly because of my interest in giving out lots of information and detail.  The most I talk about in my blogs are specifically fun events that happen in my life, including watching movies, playing games, and going to events with friends.  However, I often return to the game Overwatch as it is the one game that I have always been interested in from the start.  With this topic, I mainly put them in the Investigate category due to how most of the things that I talk about involve me giving lots of information out to readers for them to learn about the topic I would like to share to others.  One key example of this moment is a very old blog of mine, Unfair Gameplay, which involves me talking about the several changes that Overwatch had overcome to become the game that we love today.  Today, when I look at it, I feel a bit haunted from this blog due to how as time has progressed, I feel as if I could add so much more with so many more details and examples on how much change there is for the topic that I had displayed front and center in the blog post.  All in all, through great categories and tags, my blog was able to become something that I had grown to admire and enjoy writing on every week!


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