Spelling always counts!


Recently I had read of an incident posted by Allan Fallow of the LA Times regarding how important it is to have the correct grammar when it comes to talking to the public.  According to him, grammar mistakes can make you look like a fool in front of the audience that you talk to.  For instance, Donald Trump and several others including the New York literary agent Lynn Johnston and Henry Fuhrmann of LA Times have all been criticized of the grammar mistakes that they had done on the media including spelling errors on tweets on Twitter, brochures addressing public lawyers, and hasty editing on newspaper articles.  These kind of mistakes are the type of mistakes that the public would later criticize on and remember of, with the people who made the mistakes being the ones forever haunted by the problems they had gained from making the errors.  In my opinion, the grammar had to be already correct in the first place, as these kind of petty mistakes shouldn’t be made as you plan what you are going to write.  All in all, from the experiences that these people had obtained, they urge us to think of what we write, how we write it, and if we used the correct grammar each time as each mistake, no matter how big or small, will always have some effect on you and your life.


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