Celebrities and Art


Ever since Trump had become president, there has been several examples of resistance against him.  Not only are the people taking a part in this, but also celebrities.  For instance, Shia Labeouf and several other artists had all worked together to create an art exhibit consisting of a white wall that had a camera and the quote:  “He Will Not Divide Us.”  The camera was meant to stay on at all times to see the people who had come to the public exhibit and support its meaning which was to fight against racism and segregation.  Although there has been a lot of positive support for it, there has also been lots of negative support for it, with groups like Neo Nazis coming to the exhibit and expressing their own racial slurs.  This of course resulted in several fights between both the Neo Nazis and the the other attendees of the exhibit.  Unfortunately, because of how many fights had broken out, the exhibit was eventually closed to prevent anymore violence in the area.  Nevertheless, the exhibit was able to play its main role, which was to promote unity between everyone.  Hopefully in the future, there would be more exhibits like this one that would inspire unity to everyone.


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