Season 4? New Hero? New Game Mode? Oh my!


In just 3 months, Blizzard Entertainment has once again impressed us with a new update for Overwatch.  This includes another season of competitive, a new playable hero, and a new kind of game mode!  In competitive, the community’s participation has exploded with several people getting on just to play and see how they fare in comparison with the rest of the community with them having high intentions of performing better than what they had performed in the previous season.  Then today, a new hero is introduced to the roster by the name of Osira.  This new addition has created lots of excitement on how she will be and how her appearance would change the way the game was played.  The last addition that Blizzard Entertainment has done is the addition of a game browser, which would allow people to create their own maps and customize them to their desires.  This final one was greatly praised for as the community had constantly asked for a game browser since the game’s release as several other games similar to Overwatch had a game browser where people could customize how they wanted their matches set up.  Overall, I am heavily impressed with the time and effort that Blizzard Entertainment has taken to improve this game once more, and I hope to see more additions like these!


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