Battlefield 1: The Great War Visualized

Screenshot 2017-03-10 21.27.00

Last week, Battlefield 1 had introduced a new DLC (downloadable copy) of their game, the They Shall Not Pass DLC.  This DLC has created mass excitement for the game, as it introduces to French and their story in the Great War (aka WWI).  There had already been lots of positive feedback from the game itself as it had racked up enough likes on Youtube to become the most liked game on Youtube.  This is due to its extremely detailed scenes from WWI where you can play as historically correct people during the war through all of the iconic battles at this time.  Another reason for its positive reception comes from its multiplayer mode which involves extremely violent fights on massive maps with a player capacity of up to 64 people.  These maps are extremely well detailed with there being new vehicles at the time such as the airplane, the tank, and the zeppelin.  However, the most important reason why people have come to love this game is its beautiful Campaign mode, which puts you in the shoes of soldiers who had fought in the Great War.  This includes playing as Australians, Americans, Italians, the British, and several other people in the war who had fought in the war.  In this situation, you get to experience their role in the war, what they had gone through, how they had reacted to everything, and how those kind of wars turned out in the end.  In addition, not only did the story line have great criticism, but also the sound track and the graphic quality made it a game worth playing.  All in all, Battlefield 1 was well created with its quality making it a worthwhile experience to enjoy in the end.


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