Spring Fest Shenanigans


Yesterday an event was held at my school by the name of Spring Fest in which all the clubs at the school set up stands at around the school bowl to sell their goods to support their club’s needs.  There were desserts, drinks, and different kinds of rice, noodles and burgers offered at all the stands at the fair.  However there was one incident that occurred at night that made this night extremely memorable.  My friend, William (Pictured on the Right) had used 10 dollars to purchase 20 water bottles for absolutely no reason.  He then proceeded to give them all away to anyone that crossed his path, stating that it was for the greater good.  He later continued this as we were in line to take a polaroid picture (picture is above), he then proceeded to hand everyone that was going to be in the picture, including me, a water bottle, thus explaining why all 5 of us are holding waterbottles.  All in all, Spring Fest this year turned out to be a blast with William’s water bottles making it a memorable experience for 2017!


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