Words Define All

How do different words change how you connect to people?


With the school year coming to an end, several essays that were written and books that were read begin to resurface along with several great memories from them.  AP English Language/Composition was my favorite class due to how much imagination was put into such the class, especially during writing.

When it comes to writing, I’m usually best with finding quotes and supporting them with information.  However, mistakes are sometimes made where I end up not adding enough detail to support my claims and citations, so I’d have to add more to whatever I write whenever I revise it.

Although I am good with details this ends up being me downfall sometimes due to how the details that I would add in wouldn’t flow at all, and would end up making terrible essays, as some claims wouldn’t fit together at all to begin with.  Nevertheless, with my teacher’s help, I was able to learn how to write better essays with clearer transitions.

Our teacher had given us fantastic books to read and take example of when we wrote our own essays in the future.  One example of those books came from the book Catcher in the Rye, which involves the life of a teenager named Holden Caulfield.  This book interested me out of all of them due to its unique writing style which was based on a teenage boy narrating the story rather than having it written from his perspective.

This was special due to how it incorporated a lot of his attitude, which was something that all the other books hadn’t done.  This made the story seem as if it was told on the spot which makes you think more and expand your imagination in order to be able to picture everything that is happening.  This would pay off in writing of course as this exercise of expanding your imagination would constantly allow you to think of new ways to write.  In addition, by incorporating a bit of emotion and personality like Holden in The Catcher in the Rye did, then there be a better connection between all the ideas and details expressed.

One revisioned essay that I had done, called Chiropractor which was based off of my mom’s profession as a chiropractor, uses The Catcher in the Rye’s writing structure that I had borrowed and tweaked to work with my writing as it was the ideal structure to use for the topic displayed in my revised descriptive essay.  In addition, along with adding a new writing structure, I also added in a bit of my personality the same way that Holden does it as a way to increase the creativity in the essay.

These changes turned out to be a lot more successful than before with more emotion in the essay being able to pull all the writing together without complete it without any gaps between all the words.  For instance, if you ever look back at my previous writing assignments, it can be guaranteed in comparison to the revisions that I had made it flow a lot better after reading the book The Catcher in the Rye and witnessing Holden’s unique writing style for the story.

As a writer, this kind of method works best due to how I would be able to learn from good readers and take up lessons from them.  By understanding their writing styles I can learn to create my own styles similar to them and create a new form of writing that can suit my needs.  This method has made me successful in all my writing and has allowed each of my sentences to flow with one another.  However, I wish that I would have read a lot more, as my writing is always free for more improvement as writing is never perfect.  With more books read, I can learn more writing styles and incorporate the best into them.  

In order for that to happen however, I will need to need to read a lot more often then what I had read this school year.  Only by understanding more writing styles will I be able to improve my own writing as I would try to make mine better than theirs.  In addition, to improve my writing, I also incorporate my classmates into it by using opinions to improve the way I write.  By using opinions, I can find out what I need to include and what I don’t need to include by knowing what they like and dislike.  In return for their reviews, I assist them in return by giving them reviews on their own writing so they can improve themselves too.  Through criticism from others, everyone gets a chance to improve their own writing to make it enjoyable for all.

In class, not only criticism was used to improve writing but discussions too.  Discussions and criticizing the work of others were the two most effective methods of improvement in our class due to several reasons.  One of them is the fact that criticism works best when it comes to making progress as it makes the receiver want to prove the criticizer wrong by doing better than before.  Another reason is how discussions allow you to expand your creativity in order to understand what the topic that is being discussed is about.  To add onto that, discussions can also be where people express themselves by putting out their opinions in regards to other opinions, which can be seen as a form of support as people would then work to find ways in which they can support or oppose said opinions.

Along with in class activities and learning from writing methods of authors, I had also learned outside of my AP English Language/Comprehension through the other classes that I took at school, as I would have to adapt to each teacher’s teaching style to get the most benefits out of it.  With all these different teaching methods, I am able to create several different writing methods, which can then be used in future assignments.

All in all, my entire school year’s teachings had helped answer my question at the beginning which was how would different words change how you connected to people.  From what I had explained throughout my this post, the different words helped define who you are from how it tells people of your opinions and of your habits.  Using your own choice of words, you can connect to the people you desire to be with.  In addition, a change in words can also change how you people perceive you from how they’ll only know you through the words you choose yourself to be.  In the end, life can be easily be based on someone’s words, so have a great summer, and remember, your words define you so take advantage of that and constantly change the words that describe you so take up a challenge in your life every day.  You can never really know how many friends you can make out of a change of words to use.


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